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Yıl 2012 , Cilt 45 , Sayı 1

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A view to the subject of the meaning of life in terms of theoretical and psychometric studies

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Ankara University, Faculty of Educational Sciences Department of Psychological Services in Education1
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The aim of the study is to present theoratical ground related to the subject looking at the meaning of life, which is not subject sufficiently in the studies in our country, in philosophical and psychological perspectives and is to get attention that finding life meaningful is one of the psychological needs and is to get attention to its importance in education and psychological counseling and guidance services taking the results of psychometric studies and research into consideration. Basically in the research, modern people's search of meaning, which have been observed more clearly from the beginning of 20th century to date, is being discussed based on pyschologocial and philosophical bases and it is being attracted attention to one of the most important need which lays the base for many psychological problems and it is being opened discussion what educators did and what will they do after that.

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