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International Journal of Environmental and Science Education

Yıl 2009 , Cilt 4 , Sayı 2

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Evaluation of a course: “education and awareness for sustainability”

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Akdeniz University1, Middle East Technical University2
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This article reported and discussed the evaluation of a lecture, designed to change university students' values related with sustainable ways of living. The outcomes of the study were those obtained from the evaluation of the course titled "Education and Awareness for Sustainability", which has been offered for three years in the Department of Elementary Education, Middle East Technical University–Ankara (Turkey). The study was realized with the participation of 85 students from different faculties (faculty of education, economy, administration and engineering). The study comprised three steps: need assessment (NA), formative evaluation (FE) and summative evaluation (SE). The evaluation model of DIPO emphasizing needs-objectives relationship was used for evaluation. Analyzes, on the other hand, were realized by the use of both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. It was concluded as a result of the study that integrating real life cases with the issues in the course makes students feel comfortable about the course and feel themselves sensitive and responsible.

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